donnie and kelly 2
donnie and kelly

We are a nonprofit ministry (501C3) serving the homeless community of Fort Wayne, Indiana on the streets and at the Rescue Mission.  We provide our friends food, snacks and water donated by local friends and business partners. We also provide a message, prayer, and fellowship every Sunday night.  Additionally, we go into prisons to offer the hope and truth of Jesus Christ.

Donnie Foster lived his entire life facedown. His abusive child-hood taught him to keep his head down to avoid the wrath of his violent step-father. He found solace in prescription drugs he stole from his mother and the very same alcohol that made his step-father belligerent. As Donnie got older, he turned to more powerful drugs; cocaine and meth. He was soon wrapped up in the dangerous world of vicious drug lords, acting as their minion. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for them or his next hit. It was not long before Donnie found himself in the Penitentiary re-examining his life.

This is when God spoke to him…

Interested in knowing more of Donnie’s story?  You can purchase his book “Facedown:  The Donnie Foster Story” by going to the “Donate” tab on the menu.

Because of where Donnie used to be, he has a passion for the homeless and those in prison.  He has taken his misery and turned it into a ministry.  He married his wife, Kelly, in 2003.  They have 5 children and 9 grandchildren and have answered the call from God to use their testimonies to reach a lost and broken world.  In addition to feeding the homeless and ministering in the prisons, they serve at their church, The Awakening, in Huntington and disciple young men and women.  Donnie also works in the Drug Court, Hope Probation Court and Re-entry Court, serves in the Allen County Jail and at the Rescue Mission, and works with troubled youth.